Back-to-School Starter Pack: Quarantine Edition

Jordan Quinones, Writer/Editor

WY students are finally back at school!

We are finally back in school…online. This is a huge adjustment for everyone, so we are here to help. Now that we are virtual, it is important to have the supplies necessary to have a comfortable learning environment and be successful. Keep reading to make sure you have what you need and learn about items that you probably have not thought about.

Basic School Supplies 

We need school supplies like these at home.

We are not actually going to school, so you might not think you need to get school supplies for this school year. However, since we can not control our situation, we must keep control of what we can, and that includes our school supplies. So still get your planner, notebooks, pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, and all of the other school supplies you usually need to participate. Best part is you don’t have to worry that much about the appearance of your supplies if you don’t want to because no one will see it! Functionality is key.


Comfortable Hoodie

A nice, soft hoodie is essential for comfort at home.

Unfortunately, even though we are at home, we still have to look presentable on camera. Luckily, if you need something really quick, you can just grab your comfy hoodie and put it over your pajamas and BOOM…problem solved. The comfort of this item will hopefully also make it more enjoyable to learn. 

“I have a really soft blanket hoodie that’s nice. . . It makes me feel comfy while sitting in my house,” Chelsea Thorpe, ‘22.

Just be sure you aren’t too comfortable so you get sleepy. 


Travel Mug/Water Bottle

Keep your coffee or tea warm and prevent spilling with a travel mug.
Use a water bottle to stay hydrated.

We know it gets very tempting to go to sleep with your bed so close to you, so you will need to get your coffee or tea to prevent you from falling asleep and keep you engaged. Using a travel mug would be super useful because then after you drink, you can close the top and do not risk spilling your delicious drink on your computer or papers. Even if you don’t drink coffee or tea, you can always drink water. Research does show that dehydration is linked to decreased mental performance, so stay hydrated and use your favorite water bottle. 


Little Pillow/Blanket

Stay comfortable in your chair with chair pillows.
Use a blanket while you work to stay comfortable.

Have you experienced back or butt pain after sitting in your chair for a while? We have a solution! You can get a small pillow or a folded/rolled blanket to put behind your back for good lumbar (lower back) support. You can also use them to sit on, to make your seat more comfortable. You can also of course use the blanket to keep your legs warm.


Blue light glasses

Get these glasses to reduce headaches and eye strain.

We are going to spend a guaranteed six hours a day on the computer, probably more because of homework and other responsibilities. In addition to working on the computer, you spend hours playing video games, watching TV, or on your phone, which will add up. In order to decrease the amount of eye strain or fatigue you have, you can purchase blue light glasses. 

Although research does not guarantee that they work, some of the people on our team have tested them out. Mae Jiang, ‘21, states that “they help with headaches.” So there you have it, if you struggle with headaches, you might want to go get some. You can get them on Amazon for about $15, so they are super affordable too!


Google duo, Google meet, Zoom, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

Stay in touch with your friends using video chatting.

Since we have been in quarantine for so long, many of us have not been able to see our friends like we usually would at school. This makes it ESSENTIAL to do everything we can to maintain those relationships. You can also work with your classmates through these apps.

Elijah Coleman, ‘24, frequently talks to his friends and says that it is nice because “that way I’m not alone and I can go over things with them.” 

Of course, you can use Facetime or Snapchat, but if those don’t work, there are other apps to talk to them too. For instance, you can download Google Duo, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, or GroupMe. Happy chatting!


I hope this list helps and you learned something. Stay tuned for more back-to-school products and tips. This will be a good school year!