The World with Coronavirus

Jenny Chen, Editor

“Wash your hands kids,” exclaimed Rogelio Renteria, ‘20. Everyone knows to take care of themselves during this outbreak with the coronavirus, or Covid-19 pandemic. What will happen if a cure is not yet to be found? Well. I’m here to tell you. In a few months, money will become worthless, and the new currency will become face masks and hand sanitizers. Stores will no longer accept cash or cards. “I heard people are upping the price of face masks little by little, but isn’t that illegal,” questioned Jocelyn Perez, ‘22. Face masks will not only become the new currency, but they will also become extremely expensive. 


People wear face masks in order to prevent respiratory illnesses, which causes a higher risk of corona. But not only do common people need facemasks, but especially sick patients and doctors. Police will be on the lookout for face mask hoarders, the new evil. They will be the new mafia, who attack people for their face masks, especially the surgical ones. People with the coronavirus will become the new threat, used by this hoarder gang. Kaitlyn Ridgeway, ‘21, stated “Older people are at a higher risk for corona and that’s so sad.” No person above the age of 30 will ever be seen outside. They will stay at home in order to be protected. Nobody will ever need to go outside anymore from all the hoarding of toilet paper and food! 


On the bright side, the new fashion trends will be face masks and hazmat suits! With everyone wearing face masks and hazmat suits, people won’t be judged anymore based on their looks! Maybe just the eyes. It’ll lead society to not judge a book by its cover and see a person from their personality! How great is that? Also, do NOT wash your hands! You will never need to wash your hands anymore as you will never take off your hazmat suit. You will be wearing it to sleep! There will be new, but great changes in a few months due to the coronavirus.