Valentine’s Day Date?

Valentines Day Date?

Autumn Caldwell, Publisher/Author

Valentine’s Day Date?

Autumn Caldwell

January 31, 2020

The day full of love and heartbreak is quickly approaching. This is the day some individuals and couples look forward to. They get to show their significant person how much they appreciate that person being in their lives. On the flip side, some people may not have a date.  Not everyone thinks a Valentine’s Date is necessary.“You don’t need a date. You can have fun by yourself.” Errianya Fields, ‘22.

When the Day approaches, many people are sad they don’t have a date and hate the holiday all together. “No, because I could spend the day resting and not worrying about someone else,” says Luka Pina, ‘22. It’s very interesting because some people really do everything possible to make sure everything goes perfectly, while others could care less. “Yes, because It’s tradition,-” says Tully Marloft, ‘23. These mixed views are normal. If you want to get someone a gift, do not let anyone stop you. Also, If you don’t care about the holiday or don’t have a date, take some time to care for yourself.