Sunny Days

Damani Hood, Editor

What a time to live in Chicago!  The weather is absolutely amazing and it feels like the sun never wants to set now.  Jahari Walker, ‘21, has expressed his content that he can “finally practice outside without a jacket.”  That’s exactly what every student athlete should be taking advantage of. Matter of fact, every Midwest native should be cherishing and abusing the rays of light to combat the pandemic of seasonal affective disorder.  


Seasonal affective disorder is “when you get depressed when the weather’s bad,” as defined by Ana Gore, ‘20.  Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) occurs in climates where sunlight is infrequent or rare. Some symptoms include fatigue, depression, and social withdrawal.  The city of Chicago began this year with an 11 day cloudy streak that prevented good sunlight exposure to many citizens.  To combat this issue, people must become aware of alternative ways to feel happy when it is gloomy outside.  For example, spending an extra 30 minutes a day exercising has been proven to enhance the mood of Americans by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels in the body.  Serotonin and endorphins are the feel-good brain chemicals that help us throughout the day.

The next time you’re feeling low or sad, remember that it’s probably just a bout of SAD.  You’re fine. As Quinn Beck, ’25, put it, “We got this! Just wait ’till Spring when it’s warm and beautiful again.”  The entire city will be able to rally behind a spree of happiness and joy as we spend our time with our loved ones in the blazing heat that we love to hate in Chicago.

Adrian Bowman