The New Teacher Cubicles


Ania Szydlowski, Editor

Recently, the newest renovation at Whitney Young has been the teacher cubicles. The Social Science and English Departments now have a new space to allow teachers to spend their free periods and work. These cubicles have new desks and chairs, and grey walls that give the teachers privacy from the crowded hallways. Many Whitney Young students like that the teachers now have newer amenities available to them.

“I think that the cubicles are a nice addition to the school because I always hear the teachers complaining about the state of their workspaces,” states Bryan Wong ‘20.

Leah Ollie ‘21 notes, “I appreciate the school’s money being put into something that benefits our teachers which will in turn benefit the school community, students, and the communities they reach!”

Jordan Quinones ‘21 says, “The new teacher cubicles are very nice and modern. I am glad the teachers finally have a space that they can be comfortable in, and they deserve those spaces for all the work they do.”

All of the money for these cubicles came from Whitney Young families that donated money to the Campaign for Whitney Young, which is a campaign aiming to help make improvements to the interior of the school buildings. Neither of the cubicles would have been renovated if it wasn’t for the Campaign for Whitney Young. Thank you to all who contributed!