Season 2 of Modern Warfare brings back memories


Kai Ramirez

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was a big deal when it came out a few months ago. Going back to the good ol’ days of tactical gunplay. It received great reviews and an insanely large player ’base of around 20 million (the largest out of any Call of Duty game)’ according to People can’t seem to get enough of the new game modes, weapons, and both new and classic maps.

Two weeks ago was the release of Season 2 bringing back two old favorites: the beloved SAS soldier, Ghost, and the map that almost all 1v1s took place back in Modern Warfare 2, Rust. “Ghost was my favorite character back in the day,” says Andres Rios ‘21. Fans loved the graphics update on the new map and character. “Oh my god it’s so fantastic. Makes me reminisce of the classic game,” says Alexander Vick ‘20. “Uhh… that’s cool I guess,” Jenny Chen ‘21 exclaimed about the new season. Sadly, if you want to play as Ghost right off the bat, you will need to purchase the season pass (stupid Fortnite). But all maps and gamemodes are still free and ready for cross play. That’s right PC, PS4, and Xbox One all get the update at the same time and can get right into the action. 

There was also a rumor saying that there may or may not be a battle royale. All signs point towards yes, but we will have to wait and see. I am really excited to dive into the game again after a month long break. Time to level up my weapons and grind to get those super sick weapon camos. See you out there, soldiers!