Second Semester: Struggling or Thriving

Arturo Magana, Editor

Second semester, the time period where things get hectic and harder for most students. The second semester is when most seniors have zero motivation as they lack focus for educational things, well, in this case, high scHigh School Moodhool things. That is referred to as senioritis; a term used across the United States among high schoolers. Personally, as I’m experiencing it, I know it’s a real thing. The lack of motivation amongst my peers has sky-rocketed and it extends past the classroom. We don’t just want to be stuck in school, we don’t want to do anything school-related: sports, clubs, events and other things on top of that. This article is not aimed towards seniors alone, however, as the freshman have finally gotten into the swing of things, found their cliques and have had a nice time going along with their schedules. Sophomores are starting to branch and experience more things out of the classroom. They’re hanging out with friends a lot more and trying to have the best time they could possibly have. Their life is a little simpler than upperclassman but they’re still doing well in their studies. Now we have the juniors, this second semester has to be by far one of their hardest semesters they’ve had. They, hypothetically, have their first rounds of Advanced Placement course exams coming up along with standardized tests as well.. They have also participated in more extracurriculars this time around and have to stay on top of their grades because these are some of the most important ones. The second-semester stress on juniors is growing now that this time of year has rolled around, and it’s more than what many people think. 


Keylon Hampton, ‘20, said, “Second semester is dragging a lot right now. I’m tired of waking up to come to this school, tired of doing the same thing over and over again and I can’t wait for a change. School right now, to me, well this school, is just too much and I’m lazy.”


Alexa Magana, ‘21, stated, “School isn’t bad right now. I mean it could be better and I have tests coming up but other than that it isn’t too bad. I have one more year and my classes are ramping up but I’ll be fine.”


Zachary Makowski, ‘22, said, “This semester is easy. My classes aren’t bad, I’m having fun and following my normal routine. I’ having a decent amount of fun and I’m living my life so it isn’t bad at all.”


Second semester is a hard one for most upperclassmen, while most freshmen are thriving and living their lives. The sophomores are living their best life right now and smiling through things. The juniors are living their life but going through hardship in class, but they’re doing well. Now the seniors are close to the finish; we are almost there we just have to sit through a few more months. We all, well, almost all, want to be in college but right now we are vibing.