Second Semester Episodes of DubTV Predicted To Make An Epic Resurgence

Vahan Vanderpoel

Season Seven of DubTV so far has its times of greatness, but there were a lot of disappointing moments, with shows getting canceled, episodes lacking quality, and other mistakes. Now that we’re going into the second semester, the DubTV crew has much more experience with all aspects of filmmaking. I went around asking the crew what they thought about this past semester’s episodes and what they think is going to happen in the coming months. David Santana, class of 2020, said,” People are actually starting to write scripts for shows, content is going to be much higher quality…” I also asked Carlos Rico, class of 2020 what he thought about the season so far and what we should expect. He said,” Now that everyone has more editing experience, were going to be able to put shows out much faster,” I then went and asked Jacob Fegan, class of 2020 what he thought about season 7, he said,” Lane Technical Difficulties is going to have an epic ending and is the best show on DubTV” I had to agree with him as this was the most well put together show of the season. Season 7 of DubTV is sure to make an epic comeback in the coming months!

Students line up to audition for DubTV host. (Photo credit: Blake Carnes)