Texas Women Deals With Daycare Worker

Kayla Greeb

A Texas mom is disgusted because a daycare employee wrote that her five year old son needed to be put on a diet. The mom sent her five year old son to daycare with a note inside his lunchbox saying “Please tell my son that his mommy loves him so much and I’m thinking about him”. The boy returned with the note saying “No! Put him on a diet and go away”. The boy Kyler is a picky eater his mother wanted to put healthier food choices in his lunchbox. His mom knew he would have a problem with it so she wrote him a note to try and make him smile. The lady at the daycare wrote back with really harsh words no adult should say about a child. It is not the lady at the daycare’s place to tell his mother to put him on a diet. She alerted the day care which then investigated and told her the employee never intended for her to see what was written.”To know a grown-up who knows how hard life is and how mean people can be can say something like that, especially about a child…there’s something wrong,” Francesca said. A director at the center tells says the employee admitted to writing the message and was fired.