How to Cope With Senioritis

Olivia Witulski, Writer

Second semester is rolling around which means that senioritis is a looming cloud over a lot of the Class of 2020’s head. I’ve taken it upon myself to make a list of how to deal with senioritis with the help of some of the Class of 2020!

  1. Remember that this is the final stretch. It doesn’t matter how well you ran at the start of the race if you don’t finish strong.
  2. Colleges can always rescind admissions!
  3. There are so many end-of-year festivities that nobody wants to have to miss out on. 
  4. You have amazing friends, teachers, and counselors! All of them are there for you, and if you ever need help managing work, they’re all there for you.
  5. You want to march gleefully out of high school, not barely make it out.
  6. Often times we find ourselves joking around they we’re “failing” classes; don’t do this because if you joke about it too much, you’ll end up caring much less!
  7. Actually try to come to school. Just coming to school for first period instead of getting here late will help you feel better for the rest of the day.
  8. “I think the idea of finishing strong is important to anyone who takes pride in their work, “ Mrs. Lent

I wish you all a wonderful second semester!