Finals Are Overrated

Donovan Michel, Student

Final exams are typically worth ten percent of our class grades. They are simply review pages of materials we’re already supposed to know. Knowing this, why do we all care so much about them? Better, why do we stress about them and spend so much time worried about our grades on them? I don’t have an answer to this question, but an idea to consider when studying for and taking finals in the future. Exams are, of course, insignificant by comparison to the rest of one’s educational career or life. Final exams are overr

ated because they are meaningless and nobody really cares about your score. Teachers know how skilled you are as a student before you take a final exam, no student really cares how well you’ve done, and your grades aren’t really impacted by your final exam. Even with an A borderlining a B, with only ten percent of your grade impacted by the final, even just educated guesses can keep your grade where you need it to be, and even if you do drop to a B or C, this grade does not matter.