With the Bears 2019 Season over, what’s next for the team?

Mika Cavanagh, Writer

Following a surprise 12 win, 4 loss season in the 2018 NFL season with the addition of new head coach Matt Nagy, fans were disappointed to not see the same championship-level defense during the 2019 season. With an underperforming defense, the Bears offense struggled this season to produce long yardage drives. During the offseason before 2019, the Bears traded Jordan Howard, their key running back, to the Philadelphia Eagles, handing their run game off to rookie running back David Montgomery, a move that did not provide the consistent run game that fans were used to. The offense was not able to use their tight ends effectively either, severely crippling Matt Nagy’s passing offense as well. 

Overall, although winning 8 games out of 16, and having an even record, Bears fans had Super Bowl expectations this year. At the end of season press conference, it was announced that the front office fired their Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich, along with the Offensive Line, Tight End and Assistant Special Teams coaches. Unfortunately, General Manager Ryan Pace announced that Mitch Trubisky will be the Quarterback for the 2020 season. Fans were getting tired of Mitch Trubisky’s inaccuracy and bad decision making, but hopefully he can turn it around next season. 

I asked 3 Whitney Young students about how they felt about the upcoming 2020 NFL season for the bears. Arturo Magaña ‘20 exclaimed, “The Bears are the best NFL franchise ever. 2020 Super Bowl Champs, just wait!” I also asked James Rockey ‘20, “I am hopeful. I’m a Bears fan for life, so I always gotta support my team. I hope they get it back together next season and win the Super Bowl.” Neil Rockey ‘22 emphasized that “The front office has not been making the right decisions and I am not confident in the ability of Trubisky or the coaching staff. Hopefully I’m wrong but it’s not looking that way considering last season.” I’m wishing for the best next season, but, to be honest Chicago, I wouldn’t get our hopes up just yet.