Teacher artwork showcased in WY gallery

Amanda Rizkallah, Features Editor

The staff art show was recently on display to all WY students, faculty, and staff. It is a tradition for the WY community and is the first art show of the year.

Every work of art was created and submitted by members of the WY faculty and staff. WY never turns an artist away from being in the show and some artists are even showing multiple pieces that they have made in the past.

English teacher Joseph Scotese is one of the artists who has multiple pieces on display in the art gallery, and the medium he uses is photography. Scotese feels strongly about artwork and its place in the world.

“We fade; art is eternal,” says Scotese.

Scotese is just one of the several artists with work on display in the gallery. There are members of the WY faculty and staff from nearly every department in the school showing artwork.

“Students really love seeing how talented the staff at WY are,” says art teacher Lisa Wax.

Wax suggests that students will be interested by the fact that their math or science teachers have other talents than just teaching a single subject, and the students are in fact intrigued by seeing their teachers’ work.

“I think it’s cool that we can judge our teachers’ artwork” says Stephanie Biernat ’15.

The staff artwork will be showcased until the end of the week. After then, another group of artists’ work will be put on display for the WY community to observe.