Whitney Young Poms Team Named Reigning City Champs

Aaliyah Taylor, Editor

On January 19, 2020, the Whitney Young Varsity Poms Team had their annual City Championship at Corliss High School. They had an early performance at 9 am. Despite this, the team and their supporters arrived with high energy! Christiana Zollicoffer, ‘22, exclaimed, “I really liked it. I really felt the energy. It was awesome seeing the Dolphin’s fans dominating the middle row. I think they were the best there and it’s true because they won!” The support form the sea of orange did not go unnoticed. 

Many students went to great lengths to support the Poms team, whether it was from traveling across the city or waking up incredibly early. Ayana Loyd, ‘20, reported that she wanted to attend the competition so badly that she, “created a three-day plan for [her] parents to ensure that [her] homework would be done if [she] stayed for the entire competition.” The Poms members’ supporters are just as dedicated as they are. 

For those who have been supporting the Poms team the entire season, the City Competition was just as stellar. At City, the Poms team put on their best performance yet with amazing facials and clean lines that couldn’t be denied. Team manager, Dior Taylor, ‘22, said, “I was really worried that they were going to be tired because they went on so early but it was even better than I thought it would be.” This just goes to show the amount of effort and energy that went into the team’s work.