Case of Coronavirus reaches Chicago

Nikel Martinez, Student

There’s been recent alarm after an outbreak of the deadly novel coronavirus hit Wuhan, China in late 2019. The virus started spreading to other parts of the world, confirming the fears of those who predicted its mobility. On January 24, 2020, a second case in the U.S. was confirmed to have taken place in Chicago. A 60 year old woman who arrived at O’Hare airport from a recent vacation to Wuhan started doing unwell, and after attending the hospital, it was confirmed that she had attracted the coronavirus. She is currently in stable condition but in isolated treatment. The virus has so far killed twenty-six people and sickened more than 800 in China.

The concern for the spread of the virus has reached the Whitney Young community. Nico, ‘21, said; “this feels like something that comes before the apocalypse or like a zombie movie, but it’s real so it’s actually really scary.”Gayun, ‘20, offered similar fears; “I was so scared when I saw the report this morning because of all the places it could have been shared in, it’s horrible that it is so close to you”. Olivia, ‘20,  gave a more optimistic outlook; “I don’t think we should panic, the lady in Chicago is under care and doing alright, there’s a whole team of researchers at work right now.” Schools & universities across the state are now warning their students to take immediate action if they feel any strange symptoms. It is currently unknown exactly how far-spread the virus is but people hope it is contained soon.