Patrick Moran


By: Patrick Moran


At this point in the school year, Whitney Young students, seniors in particular, are facing a large issue. Senioritis, and boredom. After 4-6 years at the same school, things start to get monotonous and classwork and schoolwork drop on our list of priorities. Many seniors, myself included have allowed our grades to drop and have all but stopped doing homework. Colin Moran ‘22,  remarked that, “Yeah, most of the seniors I see show a complete lack of motivation to do anything school related.” 


The best way I have observed to deal with senioritis is to absorb yourself with an activity that can be done in those boring classes while simultaneously giving you a creative or academic outlet. Nicky Garcia‘21 said snarkily that, “No I think seniors should be at their most focused.”  Although giving yourself an outlet to both take up time and attention is a good form a self care, it will make you pay even less attention in class.