DJ and the Dolphins

It is no surprise this year that Whitney Young is back near the top of the rankings when it comes to Chicagoland Boys Basketball teams. They play a national schedule, something no other CPS team does. So far they have gone to 4 tournaments in Boston, Palm City in Florida, and more towns across the country hosting tournaments for the best youth talent in the country. Even though the Dolphins have a 10-7 schedule, we must remember that they are playing nationally ranked teams, playing them on ESPN 2 and 3, meaning that they face a level of competition no other CPS is used to playing.


The big man on campus this year is DJ Steward, a flashy 5-star combo guard with a commitment to Duke University. He is currently ranked 23rd in the nation for the class of 2020, and he continues to shine throughout the regular season. His style of play revolves around his three point shot, which he uses to space the floor. By being a more than legitimate threat from deep, defenders need to clamp up which opens up passing lanes and allows room for more plays to be run. Alongside DJ are two seniors Sangolay Njie and Tyler Beard. This trio can cause havoc on any team; these are three players that easily possess division 1 talent. 

The Whitney Young Dolphins basketball program will continue to be one of the shining points of the high school, and it always gives students something to root for. State playoffs are around the corner, and that only increases the sense of community at Whitney Young. The Dolphins are bound to make another deep state run this year. Go Dolphins!