is NOT shutting down in 2020

Kai Ramirez

Everyone! I bring fantastic news! will not be shutting down in 2020. The main concern was that because of the Adobe Flash Player closing, the website was done for. Luckily, the website hosts hav been converting their games to HTML5 for the past year. 

Most of you who have experienced coolmathgames probably discovered it in elementary or middle school, but it actually started in 1997. They’ve been uploading browser games for 23 years now. Labeling all their games as educational and avoiding school banning software. 

When people found out that it might’ve been the end for coolmath, they were not very happy campers. Making petitions that addresses Microsoft, Google, and President Donald Trump himself. These petitions received over 150,000 signatures!

Students are also very excited that it’s staying online. “I think it’s great that it’s staying online, because it’s part of my childhood and I’m glad it can be a part of other kids childhood as well,” said Alex Vick ‘20. “Really? That’s so awesome! I remember that website. It was my childhood,” Myles Williamson ’20 added. All of this being said, I can only see one negative thing coming from this great news…

Tech labs everywhere will still be filled with freshmen and ackies on while you try to print the essay that’s due next period.