The Leave of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

Anais Mancini, Editor

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Ever since Duchess Megan Markle and Prince Harry announced their exit from royal office the state of England has been in a frenzy. Who is to “blame” for the shocker decision of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex to step back from their roles as senior members of the royal family? Sources credit Meghan as the root of the issue and others claim it is a result of the strict jurisdiction placed by Queen Elizabeth II on the married couple. Sources claim that the couple simply wishes to live a peaceful life unbothered by all the duties royalty places upon them. The royals said they intend to “work to become financially independent while continuing to “fully support” his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Eizabeth seems to be quite displeased at the couple’s decision and has told British media that no decision has been reached yet and they are still negotiating. 

Do you think Meghan and Harry are making a wrong choice? Here is what some had to say about this. 

“I am so shocked to hear this! I understand why Meghan would want to leave, British media has not been particularly kind to her. I would do the same thing if I were in her position,” said Nadia Rodriguez, ‘21.

“It is alarming that they want to leave after such a short royal term,” said Genesis Rivera, ‘20.

“I hope they really reconsider because the couple represents change within the royal system,” said Michael Corrales, ‘21.