Australia’s Wild Fire

Anais Mancini, Editor

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In Mallacoota, a coastal area in southeastern Australia, fires are raging through the night causing over 4,000 people to flee for safety towards the beach. Millions of acres have now been cooked and engulfed in flames. Fire fighters have been volunteering and coming into these treacherous areas to try and lessen the destruction. The Australian Defence Force said Sunday it had called 3,000 army reserve forces and others with specialist capabilities to help. According to CNN, about 480 million animals have died. These fires have been not only been impacting the wildlife but they have also impacted the air quality causing potential health risks. This is the driest continent on earth, and it is now being cooked by global warming. Thankfully, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a $1.39 billion fund to help rebuild communities hit by the fires. 

Here’s what some students at Whitney Young have to say about these fires:

“These fires are horrifying. It is scary to see the impact these fires have on the environment and wellbeing of citizens,” said Michael Corrales, ‘22.

“It is so sad that now ⅓ of Australia’s Koala population has now become extinct. If this continues then we can expect for Koalas to face mass extinction,” said Genesis Rivera, ‘20.

“Global warming is a real thing We can see an outbreak of wildfires from the fires in california now to the mass fires in Australia,” said Nadia Rodriguez, ‘21.