The Selling of Legal Marijuana: A Step in The Right Direction?

Nia Lambert

In less than a month recreational Marijuana will be legal in the state of Illinois.  With the upcoming law starting on January 1st, 2020 many people are concerned but others are overjoyed. “I am very excited to see what this brings to the city from a money standpoint,” says Jada Middleton. Now Illinois citizens twenty-one and over can now purchase up to one ounce of the plant material. If you do not live in the state of Illinois, you will be able to purchase half of that amount.


One of the major questions is what will happen to people who have been convicted for cannabis and teenagers who might try to gain access? As for the people who have been convicted might see the chance of getting it removed from their record. A student from the class of ‘22 says, “I think this is a good step in the right direction. Many people who have cannabis chargers are people of color, and a charge for something that is now legal is holding them back. In regards to teenagers, the dispensary will ask for ID to confirm a person is a twenty-one and if they are an Illinois resident. 


Many adults who are frequent cannabis users say they don’t think they will even buy from dispensaries due to the cost and stick to their illegal dealers. The taxes on Marijuana is one element that steers many away. Now that Marijuana will be taxed in Illinois, Chicago alone is expected to collect $3.5 million in recreational sales through September 2020. “I think this tax money can help develop underdeveloped neighborhoods and schools,” hopefully says Gracie Silverstein ‘20.


Marijuana can bring a lot of hope for this city as well as some fears. I am personally excited to see where this takes Chicago.