Instagram is Changing Their Ways

Nia Lambert

Instagram is the fourth largest social media platform on the internet today, and they have just announced some big changes. Instagram’s purpose was initially for people to share photos with friends and now it has become more than that. Many people use Instagram to build their brands, make connections, and connect with friends all at the same time. This week, Instagram has announced they will be limiting your view of likes on its platform, now you will only personally see your like count. Even though this is just a test there are several different opinions on the topic.


Joey ‘21 says, “Personally, I really like the “likes” system that the app currently has. I enjoy having the ability to leave a mark on someone’s posts letting them know that I like their content, and I also like seeing when people like my photos because it makes me feel like people enjoy my content.” This brings us to the topic of Instagram Influencers and how they will be affected. Many influencers are excited about the new like system because they don’t have to post to just get likes they can post for themselves. “I can go back to posting what they want to post, what makes me happy,” enthusiastically says Gracie Silverstein ‘21. Companies and engagement from audiences. 


Mental Health is another big concern when it comes to this situation. “I can definitely see how it can contributeto one’s anxiety, especially when there is a lack of likes on a photo, but I think that once you reach a certain level of maturity and security within yourself, likes are a fun and easy way to support each other’s feeds,” passionately says Joey ‘21. Some say it all depends on the person and where their mental health is at on if Instagram likes to affect them. “Many people deal with insecurities from social media, this is a step in the right direction,” says Carly Garrett ‘21.


Instagram will be starting the test in the United States sooner rather than later, and everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats to see what this new “no like” system is all about.