Top 10 Winter Break Activities

Kai Ramirez

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Winter break is almost upon us. Sadly, we got cut short 2 days. 12 days off is still a lot though. But what will you do with all that time on your hands? If you don’t know, here are the top 10 winter break activities. 

  1. Get ahead on your homework. Everyone knows that breaks are for school assignments. 
  2. Keep your sleep schedule the same. Make sure to wake up early every morning. We need you to be ready the day we return to school.
  3. Ice fishing! You may surprise yourself with all the different types of fish you catch during the Winter season.
  4. Bust out the summer fits. Winter break is the perfect time to start flexing the summer outfits. Shorts, flip flops, swimsuits. Bring it all out.
  5. Start your garden so that when summer comes around you are ready to harvest.
  6. Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements. 
  7. Play with the polar bears! Get your polar bear fun in now before they go extinct again over the summer.
  8. BEACH TIME! Get your friends together and go swimming, surfing, tanning, and play in the sand. 
  9. Head over to Mario’s Italian Lemonade and get a refreshing ice cold italian ice. Make sure to try their new Winter flavors featuring: ice.
  10. Finally, and probably the best idea of all, stay at school. Make sure you go to first through eighth period and don’t ditch any classes. Keep learning over break because grind never stops. 

Have a good break everyone!