CPS Removes A Day From Students’ Thanksgiving Breaks

Mika Cavanagh, Writer

After a long two and a half weeks of the CTU  striking for a fair contract for all public schools in Chicago, the city has now put in place make-up days for the time students lost in the classroom. Coming up soon is our first make up day, that being the Wednesday, the 27th of November. Students around Whitney Young are upset about this fact, considering that it cuts Thanksgiving break from three  days to two days off. I decided to ask my peers how they felt about this to get a more personalized opinion about the situation.

I asked Patrick Moran ‘20 how he felt about losing a day off from school. He replied, “It’s pointless because administration should already know that that day is going to be a day of low attendance.” Nicky Garcia ‘21 also added, “I just wish it wasn’t during a holiday break.” Neil Rockey ‘22 explained that “it’s not that big of a deal because most people will be out of town anyways.” 

Thankfully for seniors, Whitney Young’s administration made it a point to say that absences on make-up days do not count against the attendance policy for prom and graduation. Considering that most of the senior student body already has enough problems with the 8-day attendance policy, it is nice to get some good news. Seniors now don’t have to worry about their vacation plans being disrupted in order to attend these make-up days.