Students Run for Class Officers

James Rockey

James Rockey and Patrick Moran, two candidates for class officers, smile for a picture.


This past Wednesday (November 13), a group of seniors gave their speeches for class officers in the theater during long division. The positions available were Class President, Class Vice President, Class Secretary, and Class Treasurer. James Rockey and Rochelle Borden ran for President, Patrick Moran and Michaela Zollicoffer ran for Vice President, Alondra Lozano and Ashley Sung ran for Secretary, and Audrey Erickson and Yari Carlos ran for Treasurer. When asked how his speech went, Patrick Moran ‘20 said, “It was pretty mediocre. I was pretty nervous, but I used a lot of big words, so I think it went pretty well.” It indeed did go pretty well, as Patrick got a loud applause after his speech. Robert Postma ‘20 was watching the speeches and commented, “James Rockey was Electric, when he got that microphone, everyone in the crowd went absolutely nuts! I think he is the best person to represent our class.” 

The candidates had to go through a tough vetting process before becoming eligible to run. This process included having not missed more than five days each school year, maintaining above a 3.0 Cumulative GPA, having completed two service projects, having no disciplinary infractions on highschool records, and having no debts. When asked about his opinions on the candidates, Mika Cavanagh ‘20 responded, “I have complete faith in the leadership of all the candidates. I am curious to see who wins.” Results of the election will be posted Monday, November 18.