Disney Plus

As of November 12th, the well known Walt Disney multimedia and entertainment company had joined in on the line of popular streaming services with their debut of Disney Plus. Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, et cetera. Disney Plus is an all new video on demand streaming service which offers a library full of movies and TV shows that can be viewed anytime with any sort of streaming device. However, with this streaming service, they provide a wide variety of shows and movies that are not limited to only new films produced by Disney themselves, but also old films that are not provided on current popular streaming services. Besides that, they also offer many new shows and films beyond the boundary of their own production studios, giving their members a great variation of movies and tv shows to choose from and enjoy. 

At a current low cost of $70 a year, members can enjoy just as much from the new streaming platform as with any others. They are also allowed to create add-on accounts with other streaming services such as Hulu or ESPN+ at bundle prices that really can’t be beat.

And as always, the Beacon goes to the students of Whitney Young for their opinion on the new streaming service. Kyle Lee 22’ says that, “The new Disney Plus is honestly a much better option than other streaming services.” With differing opinions, this is true to certain aspects of the service as it proves to be much cheaper at a low cost of $7/month and it also provides older films from Disney’s archive which are not streamed elsewhere. Michelle Keung 21’ agrees with this when she says, “It has so many more old Disney films that I’ve been dying to watch again.” With the library of films that they are already providing, it is obvious why this new streaming service is already attracting a great number of subscribers at such a fast rate. Soon, Kody Lam 20’ will join this growing list of Disney Plus members when he says, “Disney Plus is where it’s at, I will be getting very soon.” As with the debut of their new streaming service, the beloved entertainment company has won our hearts over again, providing their viewers with popular archived shows and movies that can’t be streamed elsewhere at an affordable cost compared to other services.