Prince Andrew Addresses His Ties To Jeffrey Epstein During An Intense BBC Interview

Prince Andrew Addresses His Ties To Jeffrey Epstein During An Intense BBC Interview

Anthony Hernandez, Political Researcher

Prince Andrew has been subject to great scrutiny for years due to his connections to the prolific pedofile, Jeffrey Epstein. Ever since Epstein was ousted as a major global sex trafficker many have been looking in to his past and the many powerful friends he had during his years of criminal activity. One of those powerful connections he had was Prince Andrew who was seen on multiple occasions spending time with him in his 77 million New York City mansion with a handful of photos being leaked of him opening the door to let out very young ladies and then proceeding to shut the door and continue his stay at the mansion. After Epstein’s arrest, NYPD raided his mansion and found many disturbing paintings and photos of lewd content after his arrest in july. The 66 year old was caught with child pornography that was stashed in a safe found in his mansion after the raid was conducted. 

Prince Andrew has been closely tied with Epstein for decades and many believe he also took part in the criminal activity Epstein was involved with. This is why the BBC decided to invite Prince Andrew for an interview to confront these accusations head on. During the interview, Prince Andrew gave a tense and oddly strange denial about being involved with Epstein’s line of work claiming he would never do such things. He was then confronted about allegations against him by Epstein victim Virginia Guiffre who insisted she was trafficked by him in 2001 claiming she was sweat on by the Prince on a London dance floor. Prince Andrew responded by insisting that isn’t the truth due to his inability to sweat because of a “peculiar medical condition”. He claimed he couldn’t sweat anymore because of a war injury he suffered after he overdosed on adrenaline in the falklands war while being shot at. 

Later through the interview Prince Andrew made other silly claims such as his royal disdain for hugging meaning he couldn’t have been photographed hugging one of Epsteins sex slaves Guiffre who was refrenced earlier. He claims the photo of him with his arm wrapped around Guiffre is fake because he rarely ever hugged anyone especially on camera. The interview followed with more denials of other accusations such as bedding Virginia multiple times while she was 17 and another claim that she was involved with an orgy on the Virgin Islands with him. Virginia Guiffre’s lawyer Stan Pottinger spoke out after the interview saying “To deny a recollection of Virginia in an interview is awfully weak and untested.”The many denials Prince Andrew gave show how little he cares for the evidence that seem very incriminating towards him and he may never testify in front of a court due to his powerful lawyers and connections especially due to the nature of him being the Queen’s second oldest son.

I also reached out to a handful of Whitney Young students for some comments on the story and their thoughts about the Prince Andrew interview.


“It’s very surprising to hear about a Prince being involved with Epstein especially because of how powerful they both are,” reported Christian Lee, ’20.

“The things Prince Andrew said are very suspicious and makes me think more about his involvement with Epstein than the stuff he’s denying,” exclaimed Unas Gurung, ’21.

“At the end of the day, we all know Epstein didn’t kill himself,” said Vicente Fernandez, ’23.

To conclude, not only have the reactions to the BBC review been negative but many have also started making fun of Prince Andrew and some went as far to prove why he was wrong on many of his points. One place where we saw the most harassment was in the U.K. itself where a handful of TV show hosts discussed how “nuclear-explosion-level” bad the interview was for the Prince and how it just made things worse for him and his lawyers. Prince Andrew may be able to deny his accusations as much as he wants but nothing can stop the ridicule and embarrassment of bombing an interview which discusses your involvement with Epstein.