Who Is The Real Queen? Rihanna or Beyonce

Autumn Caldwell, Editor

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Who Is The Real Queen? Rihanna or Beyonce

November 15, 2019

Autumn Caldwell

         Both of these amazing female artists are Grammy nominated and power houses in the music industry. Rihanna is widely known for her amazing voice, beauty, and fashion lines. “Rihanna is so beautiful.  She has a good makeup line, dominating albums, and she is the full package,” says Anani Diaz, ‘21. Beyonce has won 20 Grammys, is known for her voice in the iconic Lion King, and she’s a great actress. “She can win an audience and gets good sales. I think Beyonce has more influence than Rihanna over people,” says Malique Amos. This question has been debated ever since the new face Rihanna debuted. People have loved Beyonce since Destiny’s Child.
However, “Rihanna had this fire song with Eminem called, I Love The Way You Lie, and she’s fine. Beyonce also made that song Halo, says Matthew Burzec, ‘20. Usually Beyonce is the answer most people choose, but it seems like Rihanna is the true queen.