What do Whitney Young students think about Blues Combo?

Jeff Peek

Jeff Peek

Gayun Cannon

Blues combo was created by Mr. Peek, the guitar teacher here at Whitney Young, a few years ago. Each year, students audition to be chosen to be put in one of the two blues combos. The combos play at the guitar shows, Art Fair, Open House, Coffee House, and the Taste of Whitney Young. Mr. Peek created these combos so guitarists can learn to solo and better express themselves as musicians. Each combo contains singers, a bassist, guitarists, and a drummer. Each year, many musician students jump at the opportunity to audition for blues combo. 


Miclo Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez,’20, a singer said, “I think blues combo is amazing! I get to strengthen my blues knowledge, and I get to work with some of the most creative musicians at Whitney Young. Mr. Peek also provides great insight in terms of improving my sound for the blues, and I love hanging out with him all the time.” Learning new things and strengthening ones skills can be very important, but also having a teacher who contributes to your growth is just overall amazing and these blues combos seem to be doing these two things. When asked about blues combo, Nuala Macdonald,’23, replied by responding to the beauty of blues, “Blues is really easy to play, so when we jam, it feels more focused on creating a groove with a group and working to feed off each others’ sound. Blues is purely feel good. It’s not about the words or the notes. It’s about the way the rhythm makes you feel.” Being in a blues combo seems to give the musician a better understanding of this genre. 


Even top group guitarists in blues combo have fallen in love with it. Ben Johnson,’20, said, “Blues combo is bopping,” and FJ Hilgart, ‘21, agrees by following his statement saying, “Blues combo is the best thing since tostitos queso blanco y salsa.” I am in a blues combo with both of them and their talent and humor definitely light up the room during practice. After reading these amazing opinions on blues combo, will you audition for blues combo next year? Let me know in the comments below!

Blues Combo