Old Coach Returns to WY Diving Team

Mae Jiang, Editor

Recently, Guy Stehley, the new coach for the Whitney Young girls diving team, resigned his position. The reason was somewhat unclear, but it seemed to be because he disliked CPS’s disorganization and the treatment he received from other coaches. He quit three weeks before the end of the season, so the girls lost quite a bit of practice time, combined with the CTU/SEIU strike


Luckily, the old coach, Dar Novak, has returned to coaching at Whitney Young. She originally quit over the summer because she was unable to keep up with the heavy time commitment that coaching brings, but she has come back to do what she loves! Combined with her salary coaching at UHigh, she is able to continue coaching. 


“I’m so glad that Dar is back, especially with City and Sectionals coming up so soon,” says Larissa Gosslau, ‘22.


“Dar was the best diving coach I’ve ever had and she really belongs at Whitney. I’m so glad she’s back and I think I’ll be able to get my old dives back now,” says Claire Macellaio, ‘21.


“I didn’t join diving until this year, Dar seems like an amazing coach and I am excited to finish off the season with her,” says Adrienne Weiner, ‘23.


City competitions were  the weekend of November 8-10th at Whitney Young, Northside College Prep, and UIC Natatorium, respectively. Let’s all go cheer the girls on!


Photo of former coach Guy Stehley diving in college