The Disney Dilemma

Gabriel Levi

“For a short period of time I thought I had to sell my soul to marry a prince, and I was ready to do it with no questions asked,” said Amari Sails, 24’. There is no doubt that Disney has had a profound effect on a lot of people’s childhoods, but is Disney falling off? On Tuesday, November 5th, The Little Mermaid Live! starring Auli’i Cravalho aired, and needless to say, it made waves. This musical was done as a promotion for Disney’s upcoming live action film of The Little Mermaid and it garnered a lot of attention from a variety of different age ranges, but it seems that most people weren’t happy with the musical. The children that grew up with these movies are now approaching adulthood, and have made it clear that they are not happy with all the remakes that Disney has been making recently. The first one they made was a live action version of Beauty and the Beast, and people thought Disney would stop doing Live action films after the first one, but they were sorely mistaken. Disney decided to pursue other live action films such as The Lion King, and even Mulan. This recycling of ideas highlights the fact that Disney is running out of ideas. There are a limited amount of things one can come up with, and since the opening in 1923, Disney has done it all. They have remastered classic tales such as Snow White or Rapunzel, made a movie about a rat that cooks, and even a historical fiction film surrounding Pocahontas. While some people may accept the remakes, such as Sherye Kam, 22’, noted, “Live action remakes are eh, because sometimes you picture the characters a lot different,” others may find it to be unoriginal and boring like Ja’Quan Flemming, 20’, exclaimed, “The remakes are trash, leave them alone and give these struggling writers a chance to tell a new tale.” No matter what you believe about these movies, Disney is going to continue making them, and the Disney Dilemma will only continue to grow.