Doing Your Job or Watching Netflix?

Kayla Green

A 911 Dispatcher is a telephone, radio or computer operator that connects people in need with fire, police and medical emergency services. They are supposed to be able to assist you through anything when you call 911. Well not Julie Viadaud a 911 dispatch supervisor in South Florida. Guadalupe Herrera was driving near a gas station in Coral Springs on June 9 when what she thought was an object that might be a bullet almost hit her head. Herrera called 911 a total of three times before she drove herself to the police station. She called 911 three times seeking help, but officers were not dispatched until 34 minutes after the first call. It turns out the Julie Viadaud the supervisor on duty mishandled the call because she was watching Netflix while she was supposed to be working. Investigators found out Viadaud had been streaming Netflix’s film “I Am Mother” on her computer for about two hours during the time Herrera was trying to get help. She claims although it may have been streaming, she would not have been watching during the time in question. This is how some of your fellow peers felt about the situation: “a dispatcher should focus on the job at hand and not watch Netflix on duty, people’s lives are in the hands on a dispatcher,” noted Cameron Williams, ‘20. Skylar Jones, ‘23, agreed. “Ms. Herrera was in a life or death situation and 911 dispatcher could not guide her through the situation”. After interviewing a couple peers, the dispatcher should’ve been watching Netflix instead she should do her job!