The ACT Is Making Big Changes Come 2020

Nia Lambert

The need for standardized testing has been a constant debate when it comes to the college admissions process. With these debates test companies such as ACT are beginning to make changes. 

Beginning in 2020 the ACT will be putting implementing 2 new options, online testing and section retesting. With online testing, you will be able to get your scores in just 2 days and section resting lets you retake parts of the ACT to let you have the ability to get a higher super score. ACT says that the test retake option will be less expensive for families than taking the whole test, the company has found that students who retake the test average nearly 3 points higher than those who don’t. Even though ACT says the section retesting will be less expensive, many are still skeptical about if it will give wealthier students an advantage. 

“I’m in support of the new test because it gives students an opportunity to improve upon their weaker subjects, rather than going through the whole process again,” says Paige Turner ‘22. ACT will also be offering an online option next year, which allows students to apply to college and scholarships faster. “This is the best news any kids applying to college next year can hear,” happily says Aneas Potts ‘21.

Due to these new policies said to happen by next year many seniors have missed the cut-off for this opportunity. “If I had this option a few months ago I definitely would have taken the ACT over the SAT,” says Gracie Silverstein ‘20. The new policies have many pros and cons but will hopefully help more people than it does put them at a disadvantage.