iPhone 11, A Questionable Choice

Nia Lambert


With a new year approaching, so is the release of the new iPhone. The iPhone 11’s new features have many people debating switching from their old devices to new ones. The iPhone 11 has “just the right amount of everything,” says Apple. 


The new iPhone has two intricate models; the iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. All phones feature Ultra Wide cameras, the ability to watch up to 17hrs of video, LCD/OLED display, and five new colorways. These are only a few of the amazing iPhone 11 Features.


Although the iPhone 11 has brand new features many don’t like the design. “I think the three-camera model on the iPhone 11 is really dumb, I don’t think that’s needed but okay Apple,” said Sofy Paulson ‘20 strongly. The three cameras on the iPhone 11 add an Ultra Wide Telephoto lens, which lets you have the “ability to zoom in on distant subjects like wildlife and sporting events.”


Some do not like the new features but many do. “I think the 11 is a great new model. It has a new unique design with the camera on the back. The camera quality is supposed to be great and the waterproof feature is even stronger than before,” says Dylan Tate’ 23. 


The price for the iPhone depends on what store you get you to purchase it from. For example, T-Mobile is offering the new iPhone for  $700. 


Even though the price is high for a phone, many will buy it just because they need a new phone. “I will only buy it because I need a new phone, I think I’m going to buy the purple one,” says Jocelyn Lozano ‘21. 


Overall, the Pros and cons of this new iPhone have many questioning will it be a hit?