Senior Blackout 2019


Senior Blackout

As much of the student body already knows, every year during Homecoming Spirit Week at Whitney Young High School the senior class participates in a Senior Blackout. This includes custom made t-shirts, running through the hallways, and a celebration. The seniors often make customized t-shirts, this year they used the website Custom Ink to make “Seniorworld” shirts inspired by Travis Scott’s Astroworld Tour . On Thursday, October 10th, 2019 the seniors ran through the halls, starting in Gold House, chanting “2 0, 2020!” This has been a tradition of the seniors on Class Color day at Whitney Young. This year the celebration after the running was held on the new Michelle Obama Athletic Complex. This included a speaker playing music and a bouncy house for the seniors participating. The bouncy house was facilitated by two seniors, Alondra Lozano and Isa Sanchez, who raised money and organized with principal Dr. Joyce Kenner to allow a bouncy house on the new field. 

Many students know about this tradition prior to its occurrence, but some of the freshman class witnessed it for the first time. When asked what they thought of the senior blackout they said: 

“It was unexpected, I didn’t know about the tradition before it happened.” says Adrian Weiner, ‘23.

Other students also contributed their thoughts on the senior blackout this year. Camryn Henry, ‘22 said “It was cool” and Alyssa Valles, ‘22 said, “I can’t wait to do it my senior year”. 

Here are some pictures of seniors dressed in all black on the Michelle Obama Athletic Complex during the Senior Blackout for the class of 2020. 

Picture 1: Maddy Byun, Julia Macellaio, Faith Lam, and Helen McKnight

Picture 2: Faith Lam, Helen McKnight, Brody Schwartz, Thomas Stanton, Maddy Byun, Barbara Makowski, and Julia Macellaio