Whitney Young Traditions

Casey Wangman

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A tradition is an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior. Luckily enough, Whitney Young is rich with traditions that we celebrate every year. Whether it be Twin Day, the senior class prank, or running through the halls for “blackout”, there are an abundance of activities Whitney Young students enjoy participating in throughout the year. 


Aneas Potts, ‘21, says his favorite tradition is “Art Fair at the end of the year. It’s my favorite because it gives everyone a necessary creative outlet during finals season, and best of all, teachers let you leave class to go!” Traditions are a great expressive outlet, and an upcoming Halloween tradition is the thriller performance from the dance department. The spooky flash-mob is featured throughout the school in Blue and Red house, on the Bridge, and in the Arts Building. 


Andrew Nemeroff,‘19, reminisced about The Taste. It’s Nemeroff’s favorite because “it’s always poppin’ and it’s fun to go around to try the different foods clubs offer. Not only do you get to support your favorite clubs, but you get great food for only a couple tickets.” It is true that traditions help to unite the Whitney Young student body as they are an opportunity for students of various backgrounds to come together and connect.


“I love the PACER test. It’s a school sponsored flex and it’s fun when you run with the boys. It’s just pretty iconic,” said Timothy Fanning, ‘20.


The great thing about traditions is that it’s never too late to come up with a new one. So what is Whitney Young’s next?