Review: Ed Sheeran blows away fans at Allstate Arena

Review: Ed Sheeran blows away fans at Allstate Arena

Deepti Mahmud, Staff Writer

Ed Sheeran, the up and coming 23 year old English singer-songwriter played a show at Allstate Arena on Sept 18.

Largely a solo entertainer, Sheeran incorporated loop pedals, multiple microphones, and various guitars into his performance.

sheeran 1 In a world where more and more famous artists focus on complex choreography and  special effects, Sheeran instead focused on audience participation.  Audience members sang  along, whether or not they knew the words, and Sheeran even went as far as to teach the  concertgoers on how to harmonize to certain parts of his songs. This  filled the audience  with a sense of connection to each other and to Sheeran himself.

Although Sheeran performed songs mostly from his sophomore album X, such as “Don’t”,  “Tenerife Sea”, and “Thinking Out Loud”, he also performed songs from his debut album +,  such as “Give Me Love” and “The A Team”, Ed Sheeran’s concert left the audience buzzing,  as people raved about his talent, cute jokes, and the way he made everybody feel like they  were a part of something great.


Boasting great talent and charm, Ed Sheeran’s amazing performance proves that he’ll be staying on the music scene for a long time.