We’ve got spirit! Yes we do!

Gabriel Levi

Earlier this year, Beyoncé released her groundbreaking film on Netflix entitled
“Homecoming”. This documentary showed the process of creating her iconic 2018 Coachella performance and includes footage from the performance. This film opened up an international conversation about the history of homecomings and the social implications associated with them. As homecoming at Whitney M. Young quickly approaches, students are bustling with excitement. When asked about what their favorite part of homecoming is, some students, such as Kayla Hinton, 20’, said, “I think hoco week brings the students together for one time of the year which I really enjoy.” Most of the other students shared a similar response to Kayla, but one response was different from the rest. Jordan Fajardo, 23’, noted, “It’s a fun way to congratulate students for making it through their first month back!” While this does seem like a probable reason, homecoming’s history actually lies within colleges welcoming their alumni back. During the 19th century, a college in Missouri had a large celebration to welcome back their alumni, and through word of mouth, the name “homecoming” caught on. Though it is highly debated which college actually had the first homecoming, the University of Missouri-Columbia is credited with having the first modern homecoming. As spirit week goes on, the excitement grows in anticipation for the homecoming game and dance. Most students are excited, but as Jay Jones, 21’, stated, “I am just not really a fan! I can’t dance and I don’t really like sports but I’ll be excited for my friends who I like.” Whether you are excited for the game, the dance, or neither, we all wish you a productive and happy homecoming week. Go Dolphins!