Big Changes at Whitney Young

Helen McKnight

Over the summer of 2019 Whitney M Young Magnet High School went through some big changes. There was major construction done on the ceiling and many of the bathrooms in the school. Updating the ceiling was to make sure that no more ceiling tiles would fall or crack because that could cause future issues that would be even more expensive to deal with. Chloe Kim ‘21 stated, “I think it’s good that they decided to replace the ceiling because it’s probably a lot more secure now.” The ceilings were also replaced for aesthetic purposes to make the school look cleaner and newer. However, the more exciting renovation was the remodel of many of the school bathrooms. Bathrooms were given new mirrors, stalls, sinks and a paint job to appear more modern and sleek. Even though these changes are nice some students were sad about the loss of the art that used to line the walls of the bathroom. Greta Rose ‘20, said, “Overall, I like the new bathrooms but they did lose some personality because they’re just plain white, a little bit boring.” Other students didn’t seem to care when asked about the changes to the bathrooms, “I never really noticed the old bathrooms that much but they look good now,” said Ava Penn, ‘22. Whether you like or dislike the new paint job in the bathroom, I think we can all agree that having new renovations is exciting.