Homecoming 2019

Julia A. Medina

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On Friday, October 11, there will be a frenzy of excitement in our Whitney M. Young walls!  That anticipated energy will be the day of our annual Homecoming Pep Rally to kick off the Homecoming Game. This is a time for the students, staff, alumni, and all Dolphin Fans to get energized and excited to rally and cheer our Dolphin football team to victory.


Our Whitney M.  Young game will be one to remember for the Class of 2020 Seniors who will attend their last homecoming.  It is the first, however, for the new students who will witness their first game.  We will be united and have the most school spirit because we are and always will be Whitney M. Young Dolphins! We are the forever Champions.


To continue in tradition, the following day is the Homecoming Dance. It is a day for all students to get dressed up in our best party attire and dance to music that is fun for everyone.   It is our day to celebrate in style and fun times with our friends.


There is a lot of rich history to this widely known American tradition.  Homecoming has been a tradition in high schools and colleges since 1899.  It is an opportunity to bring alumni back to be with current students and staff to celebrate a place that they called home for so long.  Football is an American pastime so we all enjoy the sport.

And now a shout out to our Whitney M. Young Dolphin Family – What does Homecoming mean to you?


“Homecoming to me means a dream I had that will soon come true. When I was little I would watch movies and see Homecoming  and Prom. Being new to the US it is now a tradition of mine along side the rest of the country. I think this will also be one of my best memories I will bring back home to Italy. I know it is a part of something big for American teenage life,” said Cecilia Lucchini ‘20.


“We pride ourselves on the athletic history of our school, and the annual Homecoming game is a large proponent of that”  Said CJ Gordon, Executive Editor-in-Chief, WY Beacon ’21.


“Homecoming means the school coming together to show our school spirit.” Grace McGregor ‘20.