Navy Confirms UFO Existence

Navy Confirms UFO Existence

Anthony Hernandez, Editor

Have you ever given UFO’s more than a second thought and truly wondered whether they exist? Turns out the government has and publicly announced their interest and research into the heavily discussed phenomena that is reported all across the world. The whole conversation began when the New York Times surprisingly released 2 videos documenting Unidentified Aerial Phenomena which were recorded by F-18 gun-cameras. Following the release of the video, the Pentagon announced it’s hidden UFO research program called AATIP in a December 2017 article

The videos released reveal aircraft that aren’t recognized by our military which dumbfounded many of the troops who protect our country. The men in the Air Force who spotted the crafts are trained professional pilots who can identify most planes plus their speed and altitude so when even they were stumped by their sightings, it shows the eccentricity of the situation. They claimed that no other aircraft in the military including their latest fighter jets which they were flying can maneuver or travel anywhere near the speed of these UFOs. One Air Force pilot said the crafts were, “… accelerating to hypersonic speed, making sudden stops and instantaneous turns-something beyond the physical limits of a human crew.”The Beacon reached out to multiple students at Whitney Young to get their thoughts on the peculiar phenomenon.

“Never really thought about it before but it does sound very interesting especially with the government involvement,” reported Christian Lee, ’20.


“Wow…this means aliens right? It has to be, UFOs have always been an alien thing,” exclaimed Unas Gurung, ’21.


“I wonder how UFOs even work, like what powers them to be able to fly like that…,”said Vicente Fernandez, ’23.


Just recently the Navy stepped up and announced their position on the topic claiming that the sightings and videos are real but have not disclosed any further information relating to UFOs. A partial motive for the confirmation was to encourage more personnel to report their sightings on a more consistent basis to further assist the government with their investigation and recordings of incidents. It was also done to reduce the stigma and ridicule some may get for reporting due to many pilots purposely ignoring their sightings. With all the research that’s being done by our own government, it makes you wonder why they’re so interested and who really is behind the wheel.