Whitney Young Summer Renovations

Rogelio Renteria

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The students of Whitney M. Young Magnet High School were not the only ones to have Hot Girl Summer. Whitney Young’s Academic building also went through some hot girl changes. With new lighting, renovated bathrooms, and new flooring in some areas Whitney Young’s Academic Building is sporting a brand new look. As well as the changes to the main building, another big addition was the Michelle Obama Athletic Complex being completed this summer. These changes will allow the students of the 2019-2020 academic school year to have an experience like never before. 


Wanting to know how a few returning students felt in regard to these new additions The Beacon asked some students what they thought about the changes around the school that happened over the summer? 


“I didn’t even notice the changes around the school,” said Daniela Perez, ‘20.

“I like them especially the girls’ bathroom because there is a lot of new mirrors,” expressed  Jasmine Martinez, ‘22.


Andres Rios, ‘21, stated,  “These changes don’t really make much of a difference to me.”


Although there are many different opinions about these renovations, one thing is for sure, with these new additions in place this school year is going to be out of the park.