Prescription Drugs Rates at an all time High

Prescription Drugs Rates at an all time High

Autumn Caldwell, Editor

Prescription drug prices are starting to soar in the US , which makes it difficult for people who need medicine to attain it. The prices are a great deal lower in other parts of the world. 


I asked three Whitney Young students what their opinion was on the topic:

What do you think about America overpricing prescription drugs? Is your family affected?

  1. “ I think it’s messed up. They are trying to profit off of people and using their needs against them. That’s just like them making vegetables a lot of money when they know we need healthy foods. They make healthy foods cost a lot of money and unhealthy foods cheap. This makes it hard for poor people to get the healthy foods they need.They make even basic drugs hard to get because they cost more money than they should. Drugs like insulin cost a lot of money and they don’t give much of it. It seems like a simple fit ,but it’s not. The government only cares about money and they put the money they do have in the wrong places. My uncle has diabetes,’’ noted Cameron Jones, ’20.
  2. “ I don’t really know about the issue. No one in my family is affected,’’ said Isaiah Young, ‘21.
  3. “ I think it shouldn’t be overpriced. Poor families will need the drugs, too. They’re making the prices too high; therefore, poor people will not be able to buy the drugs they need. No one in my family is affected,’’ noted Luka Pina, ‘22.

Many people may not know about this problem, but It is a very real issue for families or individuals who have to pay for their medicine every week. The overpricing of prescription drugs needs to end now!