WY Students Skipped School For A Cause


Kyla Hubbard, Editor

Whitney Young students skipped classes on Friday September 20th. However, this time it wasn’t because of senioritis or to miss a quiz, it was to support climate action! Students made their way to the back of the arts after division and headed towards the Blue Line chanting, “Get up, Get down. Keep fossil fuels in the ground!” They marched out demanding action on climate change as a part of a Global Climate Strike. These climate strikes happened all across the globe to fight for the transition to renewable energy from fossil fuels and for immediate climate justice. Corinne Salter ‘21 said, “I needed to participate, because people nobody is realizing that we are in the middle of a climate emergency.” Many other students agreed, which is why such a large group left the school despite the punishment that administration threatened them with. They were determined to be heard and seen by politicians and legislators.

From the start of the strike, the energy was unmatched. Hundreds of people consisting of CPS students, families, nonprofit organizations, and other activists gathered at Grant Park to march through the downtown streets all the way to Federal Plaza. Emma Sack ‘20 said, “It was really inspiring to see our generation fight this fight as best we can!” People sported signs that rallied for The Green New Deal and for legislators to believe the science behind climate change. Stanley Cannon ‘22 expressed, “It felt so good to be able to make that decision for ourselves. It was a great way to represent the activism community at Whitney Young and be able to show the public that high school students are genuinely concerned about all of these issues, and that we are willing to take steps and collaborate to find answers.”

Lina Avalos, a primary organizer of the event and senior from Whitney Young, was seen at the forefront of the group screaming chants and directions through her megaphone. She expressed that, “It was bigger than my team has ever dreamed. The last two strikes have been about 500 people each, so our goal was 1000 for this one. Having SEVERAL thousand warms my heart and makes me know all the countless emails and meetings and hard work were all worth it.” This strike was monumental for Chicago and shows the impact that the youth can have. We indeed are the future and we are all working tremendously to make this flawed world an extremely better place.