Athletes and the PACER

Athletes and the PACER

Kayla Green, Editor

Many athletes run and train everyday for the sport they play. The question is: should athletes have to run the PACER for gym class? The PACER Test or Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run, is a fitness test in which students run back and forth as many times as they can between two markers, using an audio to guide their pace. This test allows students who don’t play sports or exercise a chance to get their heart rate going.

Here is what some of fellow athletic peers had to say about the PACER test: “They need to cut it out of gym class or at least have the athletes not participate, it is very pointless. I already run a lot in practice I don’t want to run for exercise when I’m already getting it,” noted Nadia Swanswey, ‘22.

Yazmin Mosi, ‘21, agreed. “It’s very stupid, I took yoga. I didn’t sign up to do the pacer test.

Dj Steward, ‘20, felt the same way. “The pacer is easy for me because I run a lot in practice, but it’s pointless for athletes.”

On the other hand, Davante Gross, ‘20 gave a typical response from a non-athletic peer: “I don’t like to do the PACER but I still participate for exercise.”. After interviewing a couple peers, maybe it would be best for the PACER to be for nonathletic students. And the athletic students can do an alternate activity for a grade.