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Rasul Rahman, Writer

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I believe anything can be achieved through hard work and dedication. I have found this to be true not only through what happens around me but through myself. I found this to be true through the trial and tribulations I faced throughout my childhood.

As a child I was not raised in a rough area, nor was I poor, trouble found me in and out of school. Whether it was dilemmas at school or conflicts at home, I was not headed down the correct path that I am today. I had no idea of what I wanted for myself in the future all I knew is that I wanted to be successful but was not sure how? Or where to begin? I just knew I wanted to be successful, especially in life.

That’s when I was introduced by my father, Earl Rahman to Walter Payton, a well-known and iconic football star. At that point in my life he was unknown to me, until I was shown to a book called “Never Die Easy” a biography of Walter Payton. In the book it showed Walter not only as football player but a man, a man who would rather spend time with love ones and the poor instead of going to clubs and blowing money. Another example is when others sleep he would run the hill to get better. For him the grind never stopped, there’s always a way to make yourself better. He was the example of hard work and dedication both on and off the field and the end results you can have from that is having a prestigious football award named after you. One that acknowledges the core values that he used towards being not only a great player but overall a great person.

I liked him, no I admired him. He was never in trouble on or off the field, he always made the right decisions, and was just an all-around amazing human being. This launched me into my interests in sports. I excelled at multiple sports because of  my athleticism, but basketball stood out. Not only what Walter Payton played and excelled in, but it required the most heart and dedication. So with this I could not stay away from basketball. It kept me away from trouble in school because I was so dedicated to the sport and what came along with it. Everyday when young and to this day I was always working, pushing myself in the weight room, training the various skill sets. The moment you step on that court it is like stepping through a threshold, you’re a different animal in a different world and it feels as if your problems go away. It was a place I could call home. So, through my hard work and dedication I was able to translate that onto the basketball court and overall become a great athlete for myself. Mt jump sho improved, handle on point and basketball IQ through the roof. Some people suggest I should aim to be a coach for the NBA.

Honestly though valued academics more, but because of the hard work mentality I was able to translate this to my school success. I produced great grades and was up to par in my classes. For my neverending work ethic and refusal to quit under any circumstances on the court or in class I persevere and can reflect on the great work I have done over these past years. Although it is only two words, hard work and dedication were totally prevalent in getting to where I am today and I could not see myself in a successful situation without them.

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I Believe Essay