Juul Economy Crashes!


Kevin Garcia-Flores

Due to the recent suspension of Darren Blake, ‘20, Whitney Young has been left with a shortage of juuls. Now, being seen as a high-risk, low-reward game, sellers are leaving the market, and those who aren’t, are finding it hard to sell. Trying to make a difference in his community, Jared Davidson, ‘22, has chosen to step up and advocate for juul subsidies from the school’s Student Council.


Gabriel Morres, ‘19, President of Whitney Young’s Student Council, had a talk with Jared April 1st, in which he responded to Davidson’s concerns, “It’s admirable that you [Jared] want to make a difference, but this is not the way to do it. Subsidies will not benefit the students of Whitney Young. The best thing to do now is wait for the market to correct itself. Prices will go back down eventually and more sellers will enter.”


Although a good point, other students are not as patient as Morres. Jeremy Gonzales, ‘19, addressed Gabriel Morres’ idea by saying, “I don’t know, man, I need my daily juul hit. Whatever it takes, I just want to be able to afford my weekly 30 juul pods. Also, I’d like to say Gabe can probably still buy juuls, so he’s not suffering like the rest of us, y’know?”


Wanting to get a better understanding of what will come with this shortage of juuls, I asked Mr. Waller, the school’s best Economics teacher, what he thought of the situation. “Juul? What the hell’s a juul?! C’mon, don’t you kids have cigarettes or somethin’.. . lookahere, this is a smoke [Mr. Waller points at a Cuban cigar], none of that sissy stuff (he didn’t really say stuff).”