Basketball Team Cancelled Indefinitely at Whitney Young

Carla Gonzalez

News some students may not know is that the Whitney Young basketball team has had its funding cut due to lack of interest both to play the sport and to watch it.  With such low funding the basketball team can barely afford to get everyone on the team three new pairs of shoes for the season.

    Player Justin Warren ‘19 has been devastated by the news saying, “it’s sad because now we don’t get new shoes, new bags, new warm up suits, beats headphones, etc.”

   The basketball court will be remodeled and the basketball nets will be taken down to make more space for the more popular sports like football and lacrosse.  

   Jada Sardin ‘19 said, “ I didn’t even know we had a basketball team.”

   Many students were surprised by the news mostly because it was made unaware by many that a basketball team was in our school in the first place.  The little poster posted outside under the Arts bridge hasn’t been noticed by anybody until Dr.Kenner pointed it out once over the intercom.

   Natalia Kielian ‘20 says, “The basketball team, that I literally just knew existed today, is extremely short and small.  I’d think they were ackies if they just passed by me in the hallways. I’d probably recognize them if they had a distinguishable track suit that they wore all the time that was a bright color or something…”

 We hope maybe one day Whitney Young basketball can come back.  Perhaps we will one day be able to financially support them. But as for now, farewell basketball.