Spring Bash Raffle Winner Receives Bacci Truck!


Jada Sardin

The highly anticipated annual drawing for the Spring Bash was held on Friday, March 29, 2019, but this year’s lucky winner didn’t receive a car, instead, they won something much better. Due to a last minute decision by Fox Ford Lincoln to remove their donation of a 2018 Ford EcoSport SE, a  the last minute replacement was a Bacci truck with a lifetime supply of Bacci pizza.


The lucky winner is the parent of a Whitney Young freshman.

The winner, whose name is withheld, couldn’t be happier.


They said, “I love Bacci’s pizza! I would’ve been happy if they just gave me the pizza, to be honest.”    


The Bacci truck comes fully insulated, so the pizza stays warm, two front seats, a spare tire, and of course, an oven full of pizza.


The winner also received a Bacci t-shirt and a Whitney Young water bottle.


A Bacci pizza representative said, “We’re so glad to contribute to this year’s Spring Bash and have such a huge impact on such a loyal customer. We hope to sponsor more future events.”


Fox Ford Lincoln refused to comment at first, but then said, “Though we have sponsored this event for the last few years, and we are grateful for that opportunity, not to be cheesy, but it was not in our best interest to do it again this year.”