Women’s History Month Highlight: Rebecca Reid

David Bradford, Writer

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March is Women’s History Month. As such, I would like to highlight a prominent woman in my life: Rebecca Reid. I have had the unique opportunity over the past 4 years to watch her grow into one of the most accomplished people I know. Her determination and ambition have gifted her with the ability to achieve any goal that she sets her mind on.  

Rebecca is an accomplished individual in a variety of situations. At Whitney Young, she is the captain of the girls track team, senior class Vice President, and has been the elected advisory representative for all 4 years. Outside of school, she enjoys playing the harp. A solo harpist since age 5, she has gained a plethora of experience playing private events and joined the Hyde Park Symphony Orchestra her junior year. She is a pilot member of the Honeycomb Leadership Council and serves as the Praise Dance Assistant Choreographer at South Shore Methodist Church. She also is a nationally-renowned speaker, winning the Operation P.U.S.H. Regional Oratorical Competition, and winning first place at the Operation P.U.S.H. National Oratorical Competition. Her extensive leadership also applies to giving back to the community. In 2013, she founded the annual Play to Help Carnival that raises money for children and families battling various diseases. Beneficiaries have included the Imagine No Malaria campaign of The United Methodist Church, the Alzheimer’s Association, La Rabida Children’s Hospital, and Hope Children’s Hospital. She has been able to raise over $2,000 to date.

The entire Whitney Young community is well aware of the fact that Rebecca Reid is one of the most talented students in our graduating class. According to Mia Engelmann, ‘19, “Rebecca is the literal definition of a well-rounded individual– she is talented in every single facet of her life.” Julian Green, ‘19, claims that “Her radiant smile can brighten anyone’s day.” No matter who you consult, you will find an identical consensus.

Thank you, Rebecca, for being a role model for the entire Whitney Young and Chicagoland community.